a live online webinar

Bible 101: A Crash Course in Scripture

Hosted by
Katie Patrizio
August 22nd
7:00 pm CDT

Here is What You'll Learn

The one red thread that runs through ALL of Scripture

The Bible is not a hodgepodge of random books. It's a single, flowing plot line... if you know where to look.

The six building blocks that form an outline of the Bible

What if there was one simple concept that undergirded the Scripture story and helped to explain it? Good news: there is!

The historical context of the most famous Bible stories

Once you learn the basic structure and outline of the Bible, you can place any story within this structure and have immediate background and context.

How the whole story of salvation foreshadows Christ

Everything, literally everything, points toward Our Lord. When you begin to see this - what theologians call typology - your mind will be blown by the story God has written.

Who THE most important figure in the Old Testament was

Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses? You'll find out why none of these characters compare to the Old Testament's lead actor.

Why the Eucharist is the climax of the ENTIRE Bible

The Eucharist is the last building block in our framework for understanding the Scriptures. And there's a clear reason why.


About Katie Patrizio

Katie Patrizio is Catholic speaker and teacher best known for her talks on Scripture. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy and theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville and a Master’s degree in Biblical theology from John Paul the Great Catholic University in San Diego. During that time Katie was able to study with some of the finest Catholic Biblical scholars in America today including Dr. John Bergsma, Dr. Michael Barber, and Dr. Scott Hahn.

Katie works full-time in parish ministry providing adult formation at St. Cecilia Church in Ames, Iowa. In addition to her work at the parish, Katie has also served as an adjunct professor of leadership at Mercy College of Health Sciences and as an instructor for the Catechetical Institute, a program of formation for the laity founded by Jeff Cavins. She is a frequent guest on Catholic radio and her online talks and courses, most recently featured by PrayMoreNovenas.com, have been heard by tens of thousands of people.

August 22nd
7:00 pm CDT
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